3. Final Combat

If China can forgive our immense national debt, perhaps the trade-off is that we can forgive them for their lack of originality in media. Case in point, Final Combat. Those who have played Team Fortress 2 know it's both an immensely well-crafted game and behind the scenes it's bursting with personality. Or… personalities, rather. It's also got hats! Sweet, sweet hats!

Unfortunately, Final Combat has none of that. A soul-less husk of the game it apes, Final Combat is of a lower quality than most free-to-play games. It's a sad and shameless copy, blatantly stealing from one of the most popular games of the last decade. On the other hand, Final Combat at least added in boobs, so that's… cool, I guess?

2. Dante's Inferno

Unlike the other games mentioned on this list, Dante's Inferno could actually be a pretty fun game — in small doses. But with both Kratos from God of War and Dante wearing roughly the same amount of cloth, both wielding ancient, powerful blades, both fighting vast armies of monsters led by a rogue divine being, it's hard to see Dante as much more than a wannabe Kratos, sans the neverending rage and shaved head.

The games can not only be summarized much the same, but played the same as well. Seriously, pop in God of War and then immediately switch to Dante's Inferno. You won't miss a beat. You'll ride goat demons instead of cyclops and fight tentacled rape demons instead of medusi, but you'll otherwise find yourself right at home. And both games feature a gratuitous number of boob shots, so really you'll probably be happy either way.

1. Saints Row

Grand Theft Auto wasn't always the gritty, dark crime drama it's become today. Before Lost and the Damned, before GTA IV, we had San Andreas. It was a perfect example of how to mix the action-packed crime thrills of GoodFellas with the comedy and dark humor of Pulp Fiction. It was also insanely popular, with consumers and media jabbering endlessly about how they played the game and what was possible within its walls — including yes, the infamous Hot Coffee mod.

What gives Saints Row the top spot on this list is that while it was originally nothing more than a GTA clone, it has since spun off into its own unique blend of destruction-based zaniness and open-world crime syndicate simulation. Saints Row played it straight, but Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third have elevated the series to its own, admired place within the gaming community. In other words, it's really the only commercially successful entry on the list, and the only one to escape the immense gravitational pull of suckitude that comes with being a shoddy rip off.

Now if only we could get someone to do the same for the Ruff Trigger games… What? I… I had a thing for Cheetara, okay?