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A few years ago, during Winter break from college, I finally got Fallout 3. I'd been dying to play it for months and I got my chance. When it was time to go back to school, I decided to stay home and keep playing Fallout instead. One of my classmates kept calling me asking why I wasn't at school. I told him I was sick, while I was in my room getting stoned and playing Fallout all day. The next day I decided that exploring the gray ruins of the DC wasteland was more important than my associates degree in filmmaking and dropped out!-Danny954

When my older sister and I stayed with our mom, we stayed in a cabin that was run by the environment. We needed the sun for electricity. We needed the rain to take a shower. At the time, we were both addicted to Black Ops. Both of us agreed that we'd rather have sunny days and play Black Ops than get to shower.-Anonymous

I had a bright red scar on my nose for a year that's starting to fade. I called it my geek scar. I got it because I was in bed, balancing my laptop precariously on my knees. If I left it on the bed the fan wouldn't vent properly. It fell. The full weight of the computer hit me in the face via the edge of the screen.-BEK

So far in my quest to complete Skyrim with every class in the next couple days I've: listened to my entire Wu-Tang Clan collection (almost everything they've done) four times, eaten two and a half family packs of Doritos, a 16-inch pizza, and five cans of Monster.-Anonymous

I love The World Ends With You. Last year my father and I went to Japan and spent a lot of time in Shibuya. We went on our own TWEWY tour. We walked/ran across the Scramble Crossing five times. We went halfway up the 109 building until we realized it was a clothing store. We found the Moya head. Finally we went to the underpass where Beat and Rhyme died. I stood there and took a moment of silence, breathing in the air.-Anonymous

And two opposing responses to last week's submission on saving yourself for true nerd love:

In response to Grace from the January 6 issue of Pwn Up: you and my fiance should start a club. I got her into video games originally but now she's made me bored of Halo and kicks the crap out of me and my friends in any Gears of War game type. She too has every Dragon Age achievement, and she has her own mailbox at our local comic book store. She paid for me to get a giant Deadpool tattoo for our anniversary and has a Harley Quinn tattoo on her foot. She cosplays with me. Her dream honeymoon would be to go to San Diego comicon for 2 weeks. And to top it all off? She's hot. Really hot. So I just wanted to let all my nerd brothers out there know that they should take Grace's advice and don't settle for a girl just because she tolerates your gaming and whatnot. The good ones are out there!-Anonymous

I resent the last post from Pwn Up: It Gets Nerdier. I love anime and manga, I'm a maniac when it comes to anything sci-fi and fantasy, and I drive one hour out of town to play D&D with my friends every week. I used to take the piss out of my friends who spent days on end playing videogames. That was, until last summer, when I fell for one of my hardcore gaming friends. I started playing WoW so I could spend more time with him online. He's since stopped playing. I'm still going. If "some chick who likes anime" likes you, give her a chance. She may like you enough to spend eight hours without food, water, or toilet breaks, just to hang with you online.-Anonymous