1. Sonic

    Great news, Tails! I just got off the phone with Sega: they're offering a three-game deal!

  2. Tails

    Wow, this is incredible. We're going to be famous!

  3. Sonic

    Yup, and get this: They're naming the game "The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog"

  4. Tails

    Wow! … wait, what?

  5. Sonic

    Man, I'm going to be rolling in rings when this thing blows up…

  6. Tails

    No wait, hold on, Sonic. Why did they name the game after you?

  7. Sonic

    Because I'm the main character. I'm a hedgehog with lightning speed and a bad attitude.

  8. Tails

    It's just… have you seen hedgehogs? They're not very cool. They kind of just sit there.

  9. Sonic

    Yeah, but how many hedgehogs have a sick blue mowhawk?

  10. Tails

  11. Sonic

    I spent an hour gelling it this morning.

  12. Tails

    Forget the mowhawk. How are you lightning fast? Hedgehogs can run 10 miles per hour, tops.

  13. Sonic

    It's these red sneakers, man. I'm as quick as a fox in these things!

  14. Tails

    Oh you mean those same red sneakers I bought a month ago make you "quick as a fox"?

  15. Sonic


  16. Tails

    Seriously Sonic, this is bullshit.

  17. Sonic

    OK fine Tails, give me one good reason why you should be the star of this game.

  18. Tails

    Um, let's see… how about the fact that I can fucking fly?

  19. Sonic


  20. Tails

    You know those spikes you keep hitting in the backyard? I just fly over those.

  21. Sonic

    Ok Amelia EarFART, you made your point. I'll talk to Sega about putting you in the sequel.

  22. Tails

    The sequel?!? You know what, forget it. Sega clearly doesn't know what they're doing if they think some punk hedgehog is faster than a fox named Miles Power. Miles Power. You know, like miles per hour?

  23. Sonic

    I'm not seeing the connection here.

  24. Tails

    Whatever, screw you. I'll star in my own video game. How does "The Adventures of Miles Power" sound to you?

  25. Sonic

    A video game starring a fox? Next thing you'll tell me it takes place in space and you have a toad for a sidekick.