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I couldn't drink or go out at all this New Years. I was stuck in my apartment on intravenous drug treatments. Instead, I set up my own pub crawl through Skyrim. I went from tavern to tavern, from hold to hold. I managed to blackout and wake up in a brand new city in a temple I apparently trashed. I'm wondering if I can make real Nord mead for next year and do it in real life.-Anonymous

My husband and I tried for almost three years for me to get pregnant. It gave us plenty of time to discuss names. We decided we wanted our boy to be named after two animes we love. Well, it looks like the world will soon meet Jiriaya Elric.-Dani M.

You get a companion named Lydia in Skyrim. Lydia also happens to be the name of my ex. The break-up hurt me quite a bit. In retribution, I blew her off of the Throat of the World using my unrelenting force voice power.-Anonymous

A month ago, I went to my girlfriend's country house. Her uncle let me ride a horse. When I was comfortable enough, I picked up a stick, road one-handed and yelled "For the middle Earth and for Frodo!" That freaked the horse out. It ran to it's crib, which I smacked my head on. My girlfriend's uncle and brothers had to drag me out.-Hendrys

I'm a sophomore in high school, and I live in a two-family house. My family lives upstairs and a guy in his 20s lives downstairs. I know him, but we've never really had a conversation. One day, I got home from school and started playing Zelda's Lullaby on the guitar. A minute later, I started to hear shouting from the floor below. I ignored it, until I heard the word Zelda. My neighbor downstairs was complimenting my playing. Soon after we started having Zelda conversations through the floorboards.-Anonymous

In grade school I was known as the Nintendo Guy. I played loads of games and had the first issue of Nintendo Power. I went on to collect several years of the magazine. I read them all the time. I didn't want to ruin them, so when I went to a friends house I would bring copies of the Counselor's Corners, Top Secret Passwords and Tips and Tricks instead. I used my mom's typewriter to make them. I left space to draw maps, and updated everything any time I received new information. By the time I was finished, I had a hundred page three-ring binder of re-typed magazine articles without advertisements.

I forgot about it until I was at work the other day. I was talking to a customer. I didn't know him, but he knew one of my old classmates. Apparently they still talk about my book, because this person I had never met knew about it.-Jared W.

The first time a woman got naked for me was during my gynecology rotation in med school. I graduated medicine six months ago and I haven't seen a naked woman since.-Anonymous

This is for all the nerd guys out there that think they have to settle for some non-nerd chick who will put up with their nerdy ways. My boyfriend is a major nerd, especially for videogames and DnD. He thought that his best hope for his life partner would be some chick who likes anime. He found me. I love Xbox. I've actually made him tired of playing certain video games, this from a guy who has every Dragon Age achievement. I named our dogs Cthulhu and Scully. I'm collecting all the Deadpool comics. I own his and his friends arses at Magic. When he introduced me to A Song of Ice and Fire, I finished the series in four months. I own many pokemon plashes. We used Charmander as our Christmas star. My point is that female nerds, actually nerds not just into one mildly nerdy thing, do exist and true awesome nerds should never settle for anyone that doesn't enjoy nerdom.-Grace