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I started playing Magic: the Gathering to quit smoking cigarettes. Every time I have the urge to buy cigarettes, I buy a booster pack instead. It's working.-Karl

My girlfriend and I's six month anniversary was the same day that Halo Reach came out. I acted progressively sicker leading up to it, so it'd be more believable when I told her I'd have to stay home on our anniversary.-Sam

I'm currently deciding between learning Klingon or Quenya (LOTR's elvish). I'll probably learn them both, but I can't decide which one to learn first.-Lenin

While working in the Home Depot garden department, a woman with a thick accent asked me where she could find squirrel killer. Her accent was so thick that I heard Squirtle killer. I sent her to electrical.-Zak

Some years ago I was playing World of Warcraft, doing our bi-weekly Zul'Aman bear-mount run. I was hoping I'd be lucky enough to win the rare mount. Halfway through I took a break to pee. To my surprise, there was a considerable amount of blood in my urine. I went back to my computer and finished the run before telling my dad and going to the hospital.-JQB

I use old computer processors to comb my hair.-Jesse

I've stayed up six nights in a row from 3am to 7am to watch a live stream of the GSL, a Starcraft 2 tournament.-Rally

My friend and I lost our potentially life-long government jobs at a library for re-enacting the final scene of Space Jam using a rolling ladder. I have no regrets.-Anonymous