Many people don't realize that the whole sub-prime mortgage crisis-or-other has impacted not just our RL friends, but our videogame friends as well. But no need to worry! Simply buff them with some knowledge of these five important factors, and their quest for a new home might not need to be so epic after all.

5. Security: In these crazy worlds of evil spirits, crafty assassins and rogue macho space marines, security has to remain a priority when looking for a new home. While a fake wall that may deceive a four-year-old may seem like it's good enough, you might want to spare a few extra rupees to hire some security henchmen or at least get a super to fill in those cracks.

4. Neighborhood: Now just because you lost your castle on a hill or towering fortress doesn't mean you have to settle for the slums. Bad neighborhoods attract the thieves, crossdressers and those stoner Koopa kids. Picking a good neighborhood on the other hand, will result in trusty Italian plumbers busting their ass for you and more fruit for your green pet androgynous dinosaurs than you know what to do with.

3. Climate: You might be downsizing your home, but you don't have to downsize your way of life. Not only do tough blizzards and flash floods force you to buy extra clothes and armor, but studies have shown that extended exposure to hammers raining down on your head from a moving cloud can lead to serious depression.

2. Amenities: Now that you're in a less fortunate economic position, you probably won't have as many minions doing your bidding, so you should probably look into a place with some good amenities. You'll want an auction house nearby, probably an inn, and don't forget one of those magical pools of water that restore all your hp and mp. And remember, while remote Spanish villas may sound appealing, most of the would-be-shops don't have the nicest of keeps.

1. Social Scene: Okay, so you're moving to a slightly less-nice pad, but it's still a pad dammit, and you're going to want it in a happening area. San Andreas, Shattrath City, the Balamb Garden Dorms, all good choices, but try to stay away from those shifty areas where incredibly frightening raisin people are the only ones who go out at night.

…Or you could just use a game genie.