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OK, so I was playing a Team Slayer match on Halo 3. Every once in a while, I could hear someone saying "Nice job!" And after could hear a baby laughing. I asked what he was doing and who he was talking to, and he said, "I'm teaching my 2 year old how to play." This 2 year old beat us all with 24 kills.-Phillip

In the lobby of a Halo 3 matchThe game is about to begin and I hear one opponent say, "Dude hurry up, the match is about to start."  His friend on another account responds, "Don't worry I'm peeing out the window, almost done."-Cody

A few weeks ago my roommate and I were playing MW2 on PSN. We joined a game and the first thing we hear is a pre-pubescent African American boy telling another player that, "even though my balls ain't dropped, they still bigger than yours!" We laughed and encouraged him as he continued to tear the other guy apart with language that would make a construction worker blush. Right before the game started the object of our taunts told us to "F**K OFF," and dropped out. After that, the kid sang "Oops, I did it Again," for the entire match. I would adopt him if I could.-Drew

"You're such a sexy piece of foreskin!" -Jake

I was playing Horde on Gears of War 2 and my teammate had his sniper rifle out waiting for the Locust sniper to pop out of cover. While he was waiting, I heard him whisper, "Come on sniper, let me see that big dick." I laughed my headset off and then got owned by a Boomer.-Chris C.

One time while playin MW2 me and my friends were fuckin with this kid with a Jersey accent because the Jersey Shore had just come out. He screamed at me ""I hope you jerk off with a hand full of razor blades and then the next time you wipe your ass your thumb goes through the paper and in your asshole" there was a moment of silence then me and all my friends just burst of laughing.-Scott M

I was playing MW2 with this racist jerk who was harassing people for no reason. In the middle of a match, he started bragging to his friend about his new girlfriend. It was obviously his first girlfriend ever. Later in the match, he thought I stole his kill on a guy that he'd been following, and started trying to talk trash to me. He tells to me to suck his dick. I reply that his girlfriend can do it, and that as soon as I was finished, I will send her over to his house. He then got real quiet and said, "How about if I stop talking to you, you stop talking to me?" He then left after the game was over. What a bitch.-John

One time I was playing Modern Warfare 2 with the same group of people for a half hour. The entire time they we're talking about bongs. The highlights of the conversation were "Did you hear about Jeff's Bart Simpson Bong" and when the same guy told his very young son to "get the fuck away from me now, it's daddy's time to play XBox."-Zach