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I have always put my boyfriend to shame when it comes to playing video games. Here's my secret: when he challenges me, I play it off and say that the game looks stupid. Then I study his moves and learn his weaknesses. In my spare time, I buy, borrow, or rent the game and work my way to awesomeness in secret at my apartment. Once I'm confident, I re-challenge him. While we're playing, I play the cute card and pretend I don't understand how I could beat someone as good as him. My grades suffer for a week or two, but being able to gloat is worth it.-Anonymous

When I was in 8th grade, I would routinely fake stomach aches after a Friday night sleep-over. Then my dad would pick me up with all my Pokemon cards ready in the car, and we'd go to Toys R' Us for the Saturday morning Pokemon club.-Justin

My co-worker has been telling me non-stop about his iPhone 4 for two months. Yesterday he was showing me his new favorite app when he got a call from "Wife".Me: Who's that?Him: My wife.Me: WTF? When did you get married?Him: Two months ago.-Bennington

I own a full Cats (The Musical) costume. I even attended the show wearing it once.-Andi(A different kind of nerdy, but still extremely nerdy)

I was so upset about being banned from my gaming forum that I started my own gaming forum.-Sonny

While shopping at Target for wall decorations, I found a wall-decal that looks like a life-size British telephone booth. I put it on my bedroom closet door so I can pretend I'm getting dressed in the TARDIS.-Matt

My senior presentation in High School included a demonstration of Power Ranger poses.-Troy

I graduated in May. I've spent the entire summer bored and unable to find employment. By far the worst part of the summer was discovering that my little brother had deleted my game of Pokemon Blue that had all 151 Pokemon. To add insult to injury, he replaced it with a game where all the Pokemon were named things like Gayguy, Homo, and Dicklicker. I own Red and Yellow as well, why didn't he just use one of those?-Rob