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My first videogame device was a Game Boy my parents bought me for my birthday. The first time I turned it on, I played it every waking moment for three days straight, only taking breaks to swap out the batteries. I had to go to the eye doctor afterwards. -Owen Parsons

I once drew my own Digimon character, and all of its evolutions.-Caldwell Tanner

I still have a scar on my knee from the time I tried a move I saw Gambit do in the X-men Sega Genesis game. -Ben Joseph

My friends and I used to play the Yugioh card game in high school. We even had to hide it from my friend's little sister, and once she found out we made her swear never to tell anyone. So one summer I was up at my grandparents house in Cape Cod bored out of my mind and decided I could make a card of my own by scanning some of my other cards and MS Painting an awesomely, unbeatable mythical beast. I literally spent hours perfecting this badass 3-headed dragon with awesome attack, defense and effects, then printed it out and pasted it on a shittier card (Bubonic Vermin, DUH). When I got back home I attempted to bring it out on the field only to have my friends look it up online and declare it was illegal card that I bought online.-Jeff Rosenberg

When I was a kid, I was a huge Austin Powers fan. I lived near the Jersey Shore and during one trip discovered that one of the boardwalk games could be beaten. It was a spinning wheel game, where you guessed what the arrow would land on. The prize was an Austin Powers action figure of your choice. I realized that by spending $10 you could bet on nearly every conceivable outcome. I spent $60 winning six toys that would have gone for $6 a piece at the store. I kept them in their boxes assuming that Austin Powers memorabilia would someday be valuable. They're still in my parents' attic. The entire set lists for $18 on Ebay now, and no one bids on them.-Kevin Corrigan

When I was 10, I pulled my back out running around the backyard with a backpack full of weights. I was pretending to be Goku training under 100x Earth's gravity. -Brian Murphy

For a good portion of my freshman year in college, my profile picture was a screengrab showing off my first-place ranking (of all my Facebook friends) on the leader board of the Tetris Friends Facebook Application.-Alex Watt

The first time I brought my college girlfriend home, I neglected to realize that I hadn't changed the decorations in my old bedroom since high school. She laughed out loud at the Robotech poster on my wall, she shook her head at the stack of Fantastic Four comic books, but by the time she reached the two-dozen Gundam figures locked in battle on my dresser, there was actual fear in her eyes.-Owen Parsons