Like Leeroy Jenkins, "Greatest Freakout Ever" is more than likely staged. But you've got to give the kid credit for stripping down to his boxers and performing the only temper tantrum in history to feature someone shoving a remote up their ass. We certainly hope it's not the last.


We've seen a lot of Warcraft freakout videos, but usually the prankee has just had his or her (Who are we kidding? His) account or character deleted. While it's funny to see them "overreact," their responses are almost understandable: Wouldn't you freak out if something you'd spent hundreds of hours creating suddenly disappeared? But then there's this kid, who goes absolutely bat shit over losing one PVP match. Couple that with watching him verbally berate his friend, and he's really, really hard to feel sorry for. Honestly, I'd love for someone to delete his character and record the fallout. I bet he'd make the kid who stuck a remote up his ass look like someone who wouldn't stick a remote up his ass.


As if being caught masturbating to a dancing Night Elf isn't enough, this guy pulls off the monumental achievement of embarrassing himself further. Rather than playing it cool, adjusting himself, and denying the entire thing, Sir Pervert of Stromgarde decides to go completely berserk; ostensibly admitting to the whole thing. Now his friends finally understand why he called Darnassus "Boner City."

Good luck living that one down, buddy!