No, this guy didn't have his account deleted. His characters are all still there. He just can't get his password to work — a problem that could probably be solved in a few minutes by visiting Blizzard Support, checking an e-mail, and typing in a new password. But this dude needs to get his raid on RIGHT THE FUCK NOW. The last time he got this angry was when ShopRite was out of Friday's microwaveable potato skins.


At first watch, this video doesn't have too much to offer. But what sets it apart from other WoW freakout videos is that rather than rage, he's in an absolute state of child-like excitement. This guy is literally so pumped up about Warcraft that he can't contain his limbs. Out of all the overzealous WoW players, he gets the award for most SFW. …Not that he had much competition.


No deleted characters. No flipping out over changed passwords. Just some good ol' fashioned dancing around Azeroth. If you've ever wandered where the various Warcraft races learned their dance moves, this is the video to watch. Though if you weren't familiar with the Twist, you've probably got some more important stuff to catch up on.