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A girl I'd been dating for a little over a month just broke up with me. As we all know, Skyrim just came out. I liked her and wanted to introduce her to my world, so I let her create a Skyrim character. She enjoyed it. Anyway, the break up hurt me a lot so I killed her wood elf to get even. Bitch.-FrodoTheHutt

I pissed off a lot of guys on November 11 at Gamestop. They were there for the midnight release of Skyrim. I was there for the midnight release of Lego Harry Potter. I was first in line, and I took forever. The store clerk couldn't find the game, it was buried in the back room somewhere.-Sara S.

I've had Skyrim for over a week now, but I'm a high school teacher. I get less than an hour a day to play. My solution: I told my parents I was having Thanksgiving at my friends' house. I told my friends I was having Thanksgiving with my family. I got to play Skyrim all day without worrying about cooking birds or drunk relatives.-Mr. Fforde

In order to prepare for Skyrim, I played Red Dead Redemption and only used fire bottles. I pretended they were spells.-Anonymous

The other day on a morning radio show I listen to, the host was making fun of his kid for being a big nerd and playing Skyrim. It was actually pretty funny, until some dumb listener called in. She complained about her husband playing Skyrim all weekend and made inaccurate comments about the game, like that Oblivion was the first TES game. What sent me over the edge was that she said she helped her husband by reading him the guide book, which, in her words, was "like 250 pages long." I own the book. It's 656 pages. I tried to call into the show to correct her, but they wouldn't take my call.-Josh

This week's "This is more fan fiction than nerd confession, but I'll allow it" award goes to…

This takes place in the World of Skyrim.

Throughout the course of my adventures I have had Lydia by my side from the start. She has been my companion and has always been there to watch my back. We had slew countless dragons, beasts and mer. Our adventure had to come to an end one day.

Lydia and I were venturing in a extensive Dwemer ruin as a favor for a mage. We finally reached the bottom of the Dwemer ruin which opened up into an extensive underground labyrinth. After a hard battle with some Falmer, Lydia was critically injured with an arrow through her leg. She assured me that I had to complete the quest and go on without her. I told her I wouldn't be long and sent her back to Whiterun.

I finally was able to exit that Dwemer ruin and proceeded on with my quest. I went back to my house to meet up with Lydia and take a look at all of our treasure. But she wasn't there! I figured she must have been slow getting out of the dungeon so I waited there for a day. But she still didn't make it back.

I was fearing for the worse, maybe Lydia didn't make it out of the ruins. I waited around more to see if she would show up.

Perhaps she was off on her own quest or didn't like carrying my stuff. Even after I showered her with gifts of armor and weaponry, she may still have been mad at me. There was no way she was dead.

I went to the Hall of the Dead to see if her body turned up, but nothing was there. I decided the world had to go on so I continued questing.

After fighting Alduin, seizing some imperial forts and slaying bandits, I was lonely and missed Lydia. This is when I knew Mara's blessing had cursed my feelings towards Lydia. I needed to have /closure.

I went back down into the depths of the Dwemer ruin, fought my way back to the bottom and searched frantically for Lydia's body. She was going to get a proper burial to ensure her spot in Sovngarde.

All hope was lost and I had to give up the search. The ruins were just too big and there was too many things that could've happened to her.

I went up to the Dwemer lift and saw a shadow pass by, I drew my sword and was ready to take a swing, when I heard…

"Hello, my thane."

LYDIA! She was still alive although stuck on the lift. I knew she couldn't have died. I decided to take her back to our house.

After all we had been through, I decided to don the Amulet of Mara to talk about getting serious with my companion.

She explained to me that there is a bug that won't let us get married. I was heartbroken. I responded, "Lydia, I will wait for Bethesda's patch so someday I will be able to marry you."-Anonymous