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12 year old boy on MW2 to his mom."Mom where the f*ck is my chocolate milk? You said you were gonna make me some motherf*cking chocolate milk, and I don't see no motherf*cking chocolate milk".-Oto
I just got Team Fortress 2 a few months ago, so my friends helped me get some achievements by us acting out the required actions. We were in an empty server, until this Australian kid (no older than 11) joined. He kept complaining that he wanted achievements too, so one of my friends told the kid "If you shout BANGBALLS really loud, you'll get the achievement for that." Not only did the kid repeatedly shout that over and over, trying his best (us laughing our asses off behind mics) another friend of mine joined our game. "Oh, it might work now that HE'S in here." "Okay, but I'm only doing it one more time! BANGBALLS BANGBALLS BAAANGBAAALS." Till the day I die, I will never forget.-Chris
I'm a female gamer. While playing Halo3 the other day an annoying nasally voiced kid starts hitting on me. He tried several pick up lines two of the best were "I hope you have flood insurance cause you're about to get wet" and "Girl do you fart? Cause you blew me away." Then proceed to rap about random crap the whole match and got 1 kill.-T
I was playing Halo at like 3 in the morning and I fell asleep mid-game from a combination of fatigue and liquor. The other team had heard me snoring into my mic and had started searching out my body for free kills. When I woke up it was to a bunch of guys screaming in my ear in the lobby – apparently one of the best players on the other team had come up to kill me, and I had somehow managed to assassinate him in my sleep, scoring the winning kill for me team and ruining his spree. He raged and quit for the night, and I don't remember a thing.-Kristin

Girl joins game and says hello to everybodyDrunk sounding Indian: Alright, everybody respect the girl or I'll take her panties, put it on your ass and wedgie your balls off.Girl: Fan-fucking-tastic.-Enster
Search & Destory, Modern Warfare, my team just defused the bomb.Kid on Other Team: You guys are all assholes.One of my Teammates: You're an asshole.Kid: You just stole my comeback. You're retarded.Teammate: If I wanted my own comeback, I would of wiped it off your mom's chin.-Michael
I was playing MW2, and throughout a few matches there was a few people talking shit to everyone/everything then suddenly a girl joined the lobby. After making it a mission to kill her and only her, the guys just told her to "put the controller on her clit so she'll get least get some pleasure in her pwnage." Needless to say, she left the lobby right after.-Angel V.