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One day I was playing Halo 3 with my friends, and naturally we were "pretending" to be gay lovers, and we get matched up with this 12 year old. After putting up with our antics, the 12 year old makes a great discovery: "Hey if you shoot a turret, and hold the controller on your testicles, it feels really good."-Jake C.
I was playing a free roam match on Red Dead Redemption with a few friends of mine and we were attacking this other posse at Fort Mercer. We went around the back of the fort and wrecked the only kid guarding that side. He then without thinking said "Gosh I've got 3 guys on me back here." I replied without missing a beat "You should be used to that". The room erupted into laughter, even his own teammates. The kid left without saying a word.-SHOTBlocker4044
During a free-for-all match in MW2 some little kid got tired of everyone killing him while he was trying to snipe he says "THAT'S IT, I'M GOING COMMANDO!" After that some random older dude proceeds to say "Oh yeah, does the mean you're going to be naked?" Then when the match finally ends and we all see the killcam (which was a quick no-scope in the air) the little kid says, "THAT WAS SO EPIC THAT IT MADE MY NUTS DROP!"-Jose
I was playing Search and Destroy on MW2 when I heard a really whiny-voiced kid start complaining about campers. I asked him how old he is and he told me was in the second grade. I asked him what a penis is and he told me it was like a hot dog but smaller and it doesn't taste as good.-Austin

My friend and some of his buddies were playing MW2 and were in the lobby before the game. The same group of people had been playing for awhile and pretty soon everyone in the entire room was screaming at each other and talking crap. Then, all the sudden an overwhelming voice of a woman came on and said, "Guys, I'm a moderator for XBox Live and we've received more complaints about this room than any other, what's going on?" Everyone in the room was totally dumbfounded and silent, until all the sudden a guy pipes up and says, "Hey, shut the fuck up bitch!" Needless to say that guy got kicked immediately and everyone couldn't stop laughing.-Kelly
I was playing all by my lonesome self one night on MW2 joining random Free-for-alls. I stayed in a particularly quiet match until a girl joined, then everyone started talking, mostly people hitting on her or trash talking. After a couple of matches of people coming and going, we got some guy that joined during a match was was getting spawnkilled by the girl. He finally got fed up with it and yelled, "I BET MY BOOBS ARE BIGGER THAN YOURS BITCH!" Laughter ensued.-Alan
After a girl on the other team killed three teammates including myself.Girl: Sorry these things just happen.Me: Is that what your dad said when he broke your hymen!?-Justin