20. Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Long before Kirby was rolling on rainbows or made out of yarn, his games followed a pretty simple formula: take control of a plucky pink puffball; float through candy-colored levels; copy enemy's abilities; die rarely. What made Kirby 64 special was the ability to combine two stolen powers into a third, stronger ability. For example: Kirby can swallow an electric enemy and shoot lightning, swallow a sword enemy and get a sword, or swallow both and tear across Dreamland swinging a double-bladed lightsaber. Half the fun was seeing all the different creative combinations in action: Stone + Fire turned you into a volcano, Stone + Needle gave you a power drill, and Ice + Electricity turned you into a refrigerator. Hey, they can't all be winners.

19. Mario Tennis

For whatever reason, Nintendo decided the only thing standing between thousands of couch-bound indoor kids and the limitless joy of racket sports was all that messy "going outside" business. And you know what? They were right. Mario Tennis was way more of a blast than anyone could have expected. All this time we never knew how satisfying it could be to slam a Shy Guy's tricky serve right back into his permanently-surprised face. This game is also notable for featuring the first appearance of Waluigi, and the fact that it's still considered such a classic is a testament to how fun all the non-Waluigi parts are.

18. Yoshi's Story

To be honest, I'm not sure how this made it on here. Maybe you guys thought you were voting for Yoshi's Island, the SNES game? To clarify, Yoshi's Story is a lot like Yoshi's Island, only with 100% less Mario, and about 75% less fun. No longer saddled with Baby Mario, this short, easy, game is totally Yoshi-centric: it begins when Baby Bowser steals the magical tree that allows the Yoshi's to maintain a permanent state of bliss. You play six Yoshi's on a quest to recover this magical, happiness-causing plant, in an effort to-waitaminute. Okay, yeah, I get it now. Hint taken, Nintendo: this game probably is a lot better on drugs.

17. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Think back to the last time you watched Star Wars (you're here on Dorkly, so I'm guessing it wasn't too long ago). Which was cooler: Obi-Wan muttering about ancient space wizards? Or a few dozen ramshackle rebel warships dodging laser fire, racing through the trenches of an evil moon made out of guns? Rogue Squadron captures that awesome rush of Star Wars space combat like no game before it. The only downside? No multiplayer, and no playable Porkins. Come on, LucasArts! Just put that rugged, plus-sized hero in my hands, and the Empire doesn't have a prayer.

16. Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy Kong Racing may have lacked the name recognition of Mario Kart, but Rare's gutsy little Kart racer had a lot more variation, offering hovercrafts & airplanes, and crazier levels with weirder obstacles. You think your Rainbow Road skills are legit? You don't know pain until you've tried to race down Boulder Canyon with Tiptup barely hanging on to his hovercraft. Those floating logs will haunt my dreams. Plus, DKR had an actual storyline, complete with genies, cursed frogs, and a telekinetic alien pig. There's a lot more here for a fanfic writer to work with. Which brings me to my point: please stop submitting Wizpig slash fic to our articles section. You know who you are, Kevin.