1. Me

    Okay Kirby, you're going to do great. Just stay cool.

  2. Kirby

    Can I do a move other than the thing where I turn into a rock and drop on people?

  3. Me

    No. That's the best move ever. It works all the time…

  4. Kirby

    …on easy.

  5. Me

    Shut up, okay? We've been doing great. I'm good at video games. Anyway, are you ready for the final challenge?

  6. Kirby

    Yeah, I should be fine. I've fought everyone. Giant Donkey Kong, Metal Mario, polygons armies, whatever. I'm set.

  7. Me

    Right. Uh, Kirby, there's no easy way to say this. You're fighting a giant hand.

  8. Kirby

  9. Me

    It's a giant disembodied magic hand…that can shoot missile-bullets.

  10. Kirby

    Like the same giant hand that tosses us around at the beginning? And gives us life? Like, essentially our God?

  11. Me

    Yeah. I guess so. Also it's flying. So let's get going.

  12. Kirby

    …nothing we've done could have prepared me for this. I mean, this is the same hand that you can select me with. Has that even occurred to you? You're asking me to conquer God here. This has nothing to do with anything I've done so far.

  13. Me

    What about when we broke the targets? And landed on the platforms?

  14. Kirby

    Those parts are stupid and everyone hates them!

  15. Me

    Hey, chill. I was just doing them perfect to get Sonic!

  16. Kirby

    For the last time you can't get him!

  17. Me

    That's not what Jake said, and he totally heard it from Jason, and his older brother can skateboard. So I think he'd know.

  18. Kirby

    Why are you even playing the one-player mode? That's not what this game is for. Seriously.

  19. Me

    I totally have friends.

  20. Kirby

  21. Me

    Also when you beat the hand, you'll freeze forever and turn into a trophy for my amusement. Just so you know.

  22. Kirby

    Great. Of course. To commemorate your epic victory on easy. With continues.

  23. Me

    Basically. Also you're going to die a lot, too. I kind of just mash buttons around here.