3. Star Wars: The Clone Wars

I'm not talking the current cartoon (which isn't bad, all things considered). I'm talking one of the best cartoons that George Lucas has ever buried. To be fair, the two cartoons aren't too different. They're both meant to fill in the gaps between Episodes II and III. But whereas the current cartoon is a fun action-adventure, Star Wars: The Clone Wars was a psychedelic punch to the throat.

Meant to be both a television commercial and a web series, episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars were only minutes long. There's no room for exposition or trade agreements. There's only room for massive battles and Jedi blowing crap up. It's the action-figure Star Wars we all grew up with.

Jedi. Sith. Fight. Done.

2. Thrawn Trilogy

Before the prequels, fans often described the Thrawn trilogy as Episodes VII, VIII, and IX. After the prequels, fans hoped George Lucas would stop making episodes.

The Thrawn Trilogy takes the happily-ever-after ending of Return of the Jedi and asks "Now what?" What happens to the Rebellion after it wins? How does it face new challenges and old rivals? There's a sense of war weariness in Han, Leia, and Luke that adds a lot of emotions to the story. They're adventurers who would rather be done with adventuring.

The villain of the trilogy, Admiral Thrawn, is also a far better threat than Emperor Palpatine. While Palpatine was a two-dimensional weirdo who slaughtered people for the sake of being evil, Thrawn feels like a guy who really believes he's doing the right thing. Not only that, he's an alien who beat the Empire's racist policies to earn a position of power — one of the more interesting backstories.

It's also worth noting that the Thrawn trilogy introduced Mara Jade, a character who's a million times hotter than Princess Leia. Luke also kisses her.

1. Knights of the Old Republic

Knights of the Old Republic is simply Star Wars done right. It's Jedi are the best in the series. It's wise-cracking droid is the best in the series. It's Dark Side plot twist is the best in the series.

Don't like brothers kissing sisters who don't remember which order they were born in? Good news, everyone: its romances are better too!

Anything that the movies, novels, or games previously got wrong, KOTOR gets right. Jedi aren't trained by running around a swamp or whining to Liam Neeson. They prove themselves in a test of physical and mental supremacy. Hutts don't give a second chance, they murder for fun and profit. Sith aren't just mustache-twisting villains — they're a real people who simply don't want to bow to morally-superior a-holes.

Oh, does it have a Jedi voiced by Ed Asner? Hell yes, it does.