1. Leon

    Looks like we need to walk down this alleyway…Sh*t, it's blocked. There has to be a way around it.

  2. Claire

    But it's just an abandoned car and some trashcans, I'm sure we can climb over…

  3. Leon

    Dammit Claire! We don't have time! I found this letter that says there is a key hidden in the cemetery that will unlock the red door where we can find parts to the fire hydrant so we can put out the fire blocking city hall.

  4. Claire

    But seriously, this pile is made out of cardboard boxes. I guarantee that I can slip between those stacks.

  5. Leon

    It's too high to climb!

  6. Claire

    It's literally four feet high, and there's a ladder leaning against that wall.

  7. Leon

    Oh. I guess I didn't see that before.

  8. Claire

    You didn't see the twelve-foot ladder right in front of your face, but you were going to search a graveyard, at night, infested with zombies, to find a tiny key?

  9. Leon

    Well I guess when you put it like…

  10. Claire

    And why do we need to go inside City Hall anyway?

  11. Leon

    Because I think if I push a statue into a slot I'll be able to get the last piece of a compass I need to open the park gates, which will lead us to the river and an elaborate system of sewage tunnels that will eventually lead inside Umbrella's secret laboratory.

  12. Claire

    Or, we could spend five minutes clearing out this pile and run down Main Street straight to Umbrella's front door.

  13. Leon

    You just don't get it do you Claire?

  14. Claire

    Guess not. But I don't think the zombies will be bothering you anymore.

  15. Leon

    Why's that?

  16. Claire

    I heard they like brains.