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We were playing Halo against this really nerdy kid that was talking sh*t and my friend comes out of nowhere and says "I bet you own a lot of ironic t-shirts don't you?" The kid left.-Joshua
When Modern Warfare 2 came out, half of my co-workers got it and we all would always party up until 5 am. Every night things would be going good but after 3 am hit, one of my buds would always just go nuts. His most infamous quote "If this guy kills me again I'm going to quit my job and hang myself".-Keith
It's always rough being a girl who likes to play COD. I was near the end of a match once, and some guy (as usual) asks if there were any girls. I spoke up, and they proceeded to call me a liar, and asked why I sounded, instead, like a twelve year old boy. I had no witty comebacks, other than, "yes I'm really a girl". But the coup de grace was some guy with a heavy southern accent saying "Son, why don't ya just go wank yer willy?" just as the match ended. I'm not sure my friends will ever let me live that one down.-Nicole
A English guy on MW2 destroyed everyone in the game, he was unbelievably amazing and didn't say a word the whole time. The game was full of red necks who began shouting stereotypical English slurs and shouting references to the Revolutionary War. All this shouting was interrupted by a slurping noise that lasted a good 10 seconds followed by "WTF was that!!!" The English guy then replied: "That was a Victory Sip, bitch." -Alex

I was playing an Xbox game with some friends when one of them yelled "I SWEAR IF I DIE AGAIN I'M GONNA EAT MY OWN SHIT."-Brandon H.
Told to a 15 yr old kid betraying his own team on Halo 3 "If you betray me one more time I'm going to hunt you down and teabag your mom until she pukes on my dick then use her own vomit as lube to rape her in the ass." The kid actually started crying.-Justin M
One time, on Xbox on social slayer on Halo 3, some little kids kept yelling at me (Probably nine or ten each), saying "OOHH! I'm F'n your mom! unh unh unh." In the background, I heard like a 60 year old man scream "HEY! SHUT THE F*CK UP! DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT A VAGINA FEELS LIKE?". They went silent. -Henri S