1. King of Red Lions

    You beckoned Link? Where shall the winds carry us today?

  2. Link

    Actually, I was meaning to talk to you about that…

  3. King of Red Lions

    Holy Shit! You can talk?!

  4. Link

    Of course I can talk… I'm a boy. You're the possessed boat.

  5. King of Red Lions

    KING boat, thank you very much.

  6. Link

    You're still made of wood.

  7. King of Red Lions

    At least I can jump.

  8. Link

    Touch√©. Anyway… I was wondering how you always pop up right away when I play my flute.

  9. King of Red Lions

    Oh, I just teleport over.

  10. Link


  11. King of Red Lions

    Yeah. Do you think I would sail to you every time? That would take forever.

  12. Link

    So you're saying instead of playing this stupid flute to change the winds and sail my ass for hours and hours we could have teleported across the ocean this entire time?

  13. King of Red Lions

    Oh… well, yeah.

  14. Link

    Then why the hell have we been sailing like suckers?

  15. King of Red Lions

    Your boots help get the knots out of my back…