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It annoyed me that that Dan guy said "Megaball" instead of "Master Ball," and "MewToo" instead of "Mewtwo" in the last issue.-Everyone. Get over it.

A few years ago I decided to start playing Maplestory again, but my friend had taken my account and changed the password. When I contacted the GM's, they refused to give me my password so I wrote to them, "You won't give me my password. I'm so depressed that I cannot go on living. I'm going to kill myself." Never thought much of it, until three weeks later when the cops and an ambulance showed up at my door asking if I was alive or depressed. -Cory

Some guy in the 7-11 parking lot just yelled at me for looking at his girlfriend's chest. I wasn't. I was so upset that 7-11 was out of WWE Slurpee cups that checking out women was the least of my concerns.-Sean

My GF and I decided it would be good to take a step backwards and move out after living together for a while. After living apart for two and half months, we both decided it would be better if I moved back in. We tell people that we have learned how to appreciate one another by living apart. The real reason is that I don't have a computer that runs WoW, and her back up computer works great. She and I decided that living together would be better for our WoW characters.-Jan

I play piano at my church and routinely sneak in Final Fantasy music. My proudest moments were working "To Zanarkand" from FFX into the Christmas pageant, and convincing a bride to walk down the aisle to "Melodies of Life" from FFIX when I played her wedding.-Claire

I was at a pub with a bunch of my co-workers/friends. One of my co-workers comes up to me with her friend and tells me that, like myself, she is a nerd. I could already tell she wasn't a nerd, so instead of talking to her, all I said was that I owned the entire G1 Transformers series on DVD. She didn't talk to me again that night. Mission accomplished.-Kevin

One January in high school, I started seeing my first girlfriend. That summer she moved a state away. We wrote each other weekly and I'd always paint a Superman logo on my envelope since that's what she called me. When I broke up with her, I painted the bleeding Death of Superman logo on the envelope.-SMan

After I bought Pokemon HeartGold and played it for three hours, I sat down and pretended to give an hour-long review to IGN. It was the best review of a videogame my wall has ever gotten.-Dominique

And the "English is not your First Language" Award goes to:

What happens when your college rivalry with World of Warcraft. The fact that my Tauren Druid has his horns sawed off. GIG'EM AGGIES!!!-Matthew (If anyone thinks they know what that means, leave it in the comments.)