3. Eye See What You Did There (Dead Space 2)

The only thing that makes this scene more unnerving than the fact that a goddamn needle is pushing into Isaac's eye is that before you crawl into this infernal machine — seriously, who the fuck builds things like this? — you're reminded of a once-innocent time in your life where you didn't know this sort of sick thing existed by way of a nursery rhyme. Something Dead Space is pretty good at twisting into nightmare-fuel.

At this point in the game, you either fail and get stabbed in the eye, or you succeed and you… get stabbed in the eye? Oh come on, what the hell? This is bullshit! Well, at least you survive the eye poke if you succeed in this little mini-game. If you miss while Isaac rightfully twitches out of sheer "I'm about to shit my space pants" level of terror, the machine plunges through his skull, leaving only chunky, gory bits while our hero twitches.

2. That's One Way To Check For A Hernia (Mortal Kombat)

I feel for the guys on this one. Kung Lao is simply not being kind to anyone with this unforgettable fatality, but his gender suffers a particularly cringe-worthy death. I really don't need to set it up for you, as I'm sure you all knew Mortal Kombat was going to be on this list, but here I go anyway.

With this finisher, Kung Lao throws down his hat as forcefully as a frat bro throws down a crushed Miller Lite. The magical blade-hat begins to spin like a sawmill blade, and lookee here, we've got just the perfect piece of timber. Kung Lao grabs the victim by the ankles and drags, drags, drags until he's holding up two halves of what once was a whole person. The victim screams the whole way through, adding to the agony of defeat.

If you find it a little more silly than disturbing, how about adding this to your brain's knowledge pool: This was a totally real thing at one point in time, along with several other deaths most fatalities won't even come close to. Have fun sleeping.

1. Demon Gives Makeover (Phantasmagoria)

If you don't know what Phantasmagoria is, I feel sorry for you not experiencing this cult classic, but also kind of happy that you never had to suffer through its often dreadful acting and "nightmarish death is assured" design philosophy. It came during the adventure game era, and you played novelist Adrienne Delaney who has just purchased an old mansion owned by magician Zoltan. Because you know, that always goes well.

Anyhoo, there are tons of ways to die in Phantasmagoria. Just… tons. But since we can only pick one, we'll go with when Adrienne confronts the demon that's been possessing her husband. Should you not move fast enough, the demon reaches out and grabs Adrienne by her mouth and eyes, pulling in opposite directions, cracking her face wide open like a walnut. It's a move that would make Ed Boon blush.

And if Adrienne isn't the one getting offed, she's watching the previous owner Zoltan kill his wives, such as when he force-feeds Regina entrails until she chokes to death. In short, this game was basically the first Super Meat Boy, without all the cutesy charm.

Happy Halloween! See you in your nightmares.