Sonic and The Simpsons ruled the early 90's, and with good reason: Both were outstanding in their genres and featured title characters that became fixtures in pop culture. Unfortunately, neither franchise knows when to quit and has been milked to the point of almost destroying their legacies. Now Sonic's half werewolf and Moe is judging American Idol. WHY.



Take a successful game or TV show with a loyal fan base, pick the fan's favorite character, and give him his own spin-off-- a recipe for success! ...Or total failure. Dirge of Cerberus, a spin-off of the critical darling Final Fantasy VII, was released to mixed reviews. Joey, a spin-off of the long-running Friends, lasted only two seasons. With Friends and Final Fantasy followers as fanatical as they are, it's actually pretty impressive that both could be released to such lukewarm reception. So...good for them! I guess?



Donkey Kong is an arcade classic that defined the genre. The Sopranos is one of the best shows to ever air on television. Two great works of art with two TERRIBLE endings. If the cut-to-black, "Don't Stop Believin'" Sopranos ending isn't a perfect equivalent to the dreaded Donkey Kong kill screen, then I don't know what is. Personally, I wish the Sopranos writers went the Bad Dudes route and had Tony Soprano eat cheeseburgers with Ronald Reagan.


Both are chock full of mystery, puzzle solving, and a whole lotta W-T-F. Throw in a mystical island and unraveling character back stories and you start to wonder where the similarities will end. If only they made a LOST videogame! Oh wait, they did. And it was terrible. Still, I'd watch the shit out of a Myst TV show. 


We begged for both of them, wished for them, thinking they would never come. And then, one day...and we ACTUALLY got them.

And then we realized - we've made a huge mistake.