11. Final Fantasy VI: Psycho Cyan

I guess I would be angry too if my friends let me die and then said, "Sorry man, here's Imp!" like that makes it any better. Either way, reviving Cyan (in imp form) during battle not only turned him into an angry bundle of samurai pixels, but also made him want to attacking everything in sight, repeatedly, as if someone had killed his entire family. Oh wait— they did.

12. Link to the Past/Ocarina of Time: Cucco Attack

This might be the only game where animal abuse is not only frowned upon, but the animals exact their revenge and try to run you right out of town. If you beat on a cucco enough times, the cucco would freeze time, crow really loud, and summon masses of its fellows to fly at you from out of frame. Unfortunately, the cuccos didn't have the greatest aim, and just running a crooked path made almost all of them miss. For some retribution-free animal abuse, you could always go take Epona's carrots away by slapping her.

13. Halo: Jumping Back on the Pelican in Silent Cartographer

Once you arrived in yet another building fraught with the Covenant, all you had to do was say, "Aw, hell naw!" and press x repeatedly to jump back into the Pelican. Hey presto, safe and sound! Until it turns out the Pelican can't bear your weight and plunges to its, yours, and everyone else's death down the building's pit. That must have been why there was a random deep pit— it was a receptacle for faulty Pelicans.

14. SimAnt: Secret Passage to Red Nest

It's a good thing this game wasn't multiplayer, or both players would have had to waste a lot of ants guarding both ends of their own nest. Because at the bottom of each, there was a hole that you could go through that brought you to the bottom of the other ant's nest, a few seconds' digging away from the defenseless queen who you could then chomp to death. And you didn't even have to dodge the spider.

15. Super Smash Bros: Play as Master Hand

Probably no one ever used this in Smash Bros' time, but it really does exist— by opening a character window for controller port 3 and pressing the right combination of buttons, you'll move on to the level selection screen. Controller 3 will default to playing as Master Hand, and you'll be slapping your friends around with a white glove in no time. Falcon punch THIS— oh, you still can. I forgot Master Hand isn't invincible, and also a painfully slow poker.

This game clearly came before Facebook.