6. Twisted Metal 2: Play as Sweet Tooth

No, Twisted Metal makers, it's fine— go ahead and hide the character that was on the cover of the original Twisted Metal box. I see that code written in the bright lights of New York City, and soon enough I'll be flinging more Napalm Cones than my dumb Spectre-playing friends can handle. Unlocking Sweet Tooth was so phenomenally easy that most people forget he was ever a secret character.

7. Mario 64: Meeting Yoshi

OK, this one was easy. First, get all 120 stars. Shouldn't take you more than, oh, forty hours. Then, go out in front of the castle, shoot yourself out of a cannon, land on the roof, and look! Yoshi! And he gives that, "Oh, hey there you are! …Yeah, it's been too long! You still doing that thing? OK, cool, we should get together sometime. Well not now. But later. I have your number." So much for being in the trenches together.

8. Goldeneye: Fire Gun in Cutscenes

If you ended a mission in Goldeneye with the right control style, you were no longer part of the scenery in cutscenes. You could straight up murder stuff. "You laugh at me, Baron Samedi? Well, your abs look painted on, and this isn't 300! Bang, headshot! Nice hat, by the way. Haven't you heard of me? I am James goddamn Bond, and even cutscenes can't stop me."

9. Castlevania: Fight Renon

Renon was, overall, a pretty nice guy with fantastic hearing— he could hear a scroll being lifted from the floor anywhere in the castle and would immediately come to your aid. But he really hated people with a lot of money— ironic, for someone in the business of selling stuff— and would attack you if you spent more than 30,000 gold on his wares. And not just slap you around a little, but summon fireballs and hell-fish. Renon, maybe you shouldn't take patronage of your business so hard, or consider another occupation that puts your skills to use. Like being a full-time dogmatic psycho.

10. Diddy Kong Racing: Play as Drumstick or Time Trial Clock

For the small feat of beating the game and all the time trials, you could play as a chicken or a clock. Of course, after going around in probably thousands of circles, it was hard to say whether you were just hallucinating or you'd really just seen a chicken driving a car. Then again, this was a racing league populated entirely by anthropomorphic animals.