Wolverine's bastard banana son curses the heavens. (via DTJAAAAM)

Maverick Hunter X fails in his search for Waldo. HE'S BEHIND YOU, BRO. (via Gamertell)

Zangief shares his thoughts on the mortgage crisis with CNN's Anderson Cooper. (via NY Daily News)

Naked Guy decides in retrospect that he shouldn't have dragged his entire attic to Comic Con. (via Comicvine)

Saria plays the Bolero of Muniz to transport herself to the Pizza Man panel without having to wait in line. (via Geeks are Sexy)

The FFVII crew seconds after Cid beat the shit out of a janitor for his mop. (via DTJAAAAM)

GLaDOS ends the weekend by filling the Javitz Center with neurotoxins, leaving nothing but a black void and a Coke machine. (via Wired)