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My girlfriend is pregnant. One day she found me looking through baby names on the computer. She got excited and said she was proud of me for being so mature. I was actually looking for a name for my Pokémon Silver character.-Marcus

Back in high school, I spent over 40 hours making a Vincent Valentine costume. I learned to sew specifically for that end. I went to school wearing it for Halloween, only to get mad at everyone for telling me they liked my "Freddy Krueger" costume.-Kevin

I mowed my lawn to the Persona 4 soundtrack today. There is no better feeling than finishing the lawn right when the seven-minute long final boss music (The Genesis) reaches the last few minutes and turns into the orchestral version of the regular battle music (Reach Out to the Truth).-Taquin (I have no idea what any of this means, but it sounds pretty damn nerdy -Kevin)

I've only cried two times in my life. Once at the end of Titanic when Jack dies, and once during the Pokemon episode where Ash releases Pikachu to live with a herd of Pikachus after seeing how happy he is with them.-Josh

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say Superwoman when they mean Supergirl. I've had to explain to strangers that Superwoman is Wonder Woman's counterpart from an alternate universe.-Harris

One time when I was playing Pokemon on Gameboy Color, I got a megaball and used it on the first Pokemon I encountered. Six hours later, I realized I needed that f'ing ball to catch MewToo, so I turned off the game without saving and started over.-Dan

I used the scholarship money I received for textbooks this semester to buy a hardcover copy of every book in The Wheel of Time series.-Aaron

I write Mega Man fan fiction.-Vaughn