1. Hydralisk

    Alright, we're in good shape here. We just need a few more Hydralisks…

  2. Zergling

    Hold on! We can't! Spawn more Overlords!

  3. Hydralisk


  4. Zergling

    Yeah. We can't do anything without them.

  5. Hydralisk

    Yeah, what would we do without those slow, slow, sacks of flesh?

  6. Zergling

    Hey man, we require them.

  7. Hydralisk

    Well we require more Hydralisks. You know, the useful things.

  8. Zergling

    You could always sacrifice a drone to make space.

  9. Hydralisk

    That's not a winning strategy.

  10. Zergling

    Look I didn't make the rules. But we need Overlords.

  11. Hydralisks

    We're a bloodthirsty monster race. I think it's a little late to think about middle management.

  12. Zergling

    Hey, take it up with the queens.

  13. Hydralisks

    That's another thing! The queens are worthless. No one spawns her if they want to win! These managers are incompetent…

  14. Zergling

    Are you slandering …The Cerebrates and the Overmind!?

  15. Hydralisks

    The same Cerebrates and Overmind who we have to defend in the one player mode and who do nothing at all and aren't even usable in multi-player?

  16. Zergling

    I think you're getting ahead of yourself here…

  17. Hydralisks

    I'm just asking; does everyone mass Hydralisks or do Queens and Overlords destroy bases?

  18. Zergling

    You're a jerk.

  19. Hydralisk

    Whatever. Me, Siege Tanks and Dragoons are going to hang out in the awesome units club.

  20. Zergling

    What about me?

  21. Vulture

    Man, spider mines sure are cool! I'm a motorcycle! That's cool! I have attitude! Even better!

  22. Zergling

    Kill me now.

  23. Reaver