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I was playing a game of Halo 3 Slayer with one of my friends and we could hear another kid on our team talking to his friend in the same room. This kid had to be only like 12 or 13, and we could hear his friend start to scream at him. He then yells back as loud as he possibly can, "I don't care how hot she is, it's HALO time!"-Drew
"I'm gonna tactically insert my M-16 into your ACOG scope"-Kent
So my friend and I were playing MW2 on team deathmatch and we hear these french guys talking. So I say jokingly 'Ugh, f*cking frenchies.' They proceed to dish out what I guess they considered some hardcore smacktalk. Here is just a taste:'You are a f*cking virgin!''Yes, you are a little girl!''You can lick my shoes, virgin.'Good times.-Sean C.

So I was playing free for all and a bunch of little 10-year-olds were running around screaming and being retarded. About three minutes later one of the older guys there snapped and screamed, "Shut up you little assmunches or I'll make you by shoving my dick so far down your throat you'll hear your mom choking in the next room!" The little jerks ignored him then when the guy left I heard a few of them start choking.-Moe R.
I was playing COD over Xbox Live with my friend the other day and his game of choice is Team Hardcore. I had never played it before so I asked him the difference between Hardcore and Team Deathmatch when some random guy chimed in, "It means you better watch yo' shit nukka!"-Jeff
Guy 1: "Pussy!"Guy 2: "You are what you eat."I laughed for two minutes straight.-Anonymous
Whenever I would play Halo 3 and people would say they're raping me I would reply telling them to rape me harder and make me cry then use my tears as lube. I never really got any offers for rape after that, maybe I'm just not pretty enough.-Cameron