8. Talking Nerdy

Finally, we have new scenarios to talk about! There are new speculations to make, new situations to consider. You can bet we're going to spend way too much time on the forums, thinking about important questions like, "If you could replace every member of "Seinfeld" with Starcraft units, who would be what?" Is it smart to play cards with a Protoss? Either way, Starcraft II, we'll be your huckleberry.

9. Cut Scenes

You may think Blizzard is cheap for lifting all their source material from Heinlein and Warhammer 40k. You may consider them money-grubbing jerks for breaking Starcraft II up into three pieces. You may even think they're unoriginal for sticking with a vanilla gather-build-fight RTS model. But there is one thing that everyone can agree upon: Blizzard makes awesome cut scenes. Their clips give James Cameron an erection and make even the most stoic gamers squirm with joy.

10. The Main Character

Chuck Norris does Jim Raynor's laundry. Even though "Raynor's Raiders" (his group of rebel marines) sounds like a peewee football team, Jimbo still manages to impress us. After years of putting up with Michael Cera as a protagonist, the world is ready for some heroes that piss testosterone. Raynor is the perfect fit for the role. Most of us would hide if we were on the run from the law, but Raynor's idea of "running" consists of selling alien artifacts to build a mercenary army so he can stop his old fling from destroying the universe. It's rumored that the one thing Jim Raynor can't do is swim.
Probably because his massive brass cajones act as impromptu anchors.