1. Cloud

    Hey I found Aeris, she's praying up there on that alter.

  2. Barret

    Sh*t, Sephiroth's falling from the sky, and that's a huge ass sword.

  3. Cloud

    OH MY GOD! He just killed her.

  4. Barret

    Don't worry about it.

  5. Cloud


  6. Barret

    Big deal, I've been swallowed whole by monsters and turned to stone like a hundred times.

  7. Cloud

    But she's dead! Gone! And I never had the chance to explain my conflicted emotional love interest!

  8. Barret

    Yo' quit your %$@#'ing crying. I literally have 99 phoenix downs in my bag.

  9. Cloud

    What are you talking about?

  10. Barret

    You're kidding right? Phoenix downs… the ultra cheap feather that brings people back to life.

  11. Cloud

  12. Barret

    Or revive materia, phoenix summon… we can use whatever you want bro.

  13. Cloud

    Oh, yeah, totally forgot about those.

  14. Barret

    Yeah fool, they are sweet. I've died three times since I've been here. Check it out…

  15. Aeris wakes up.

  16. Aeris

    Wow, I just had the best nap ever!

  17. Cloud

    Whew, that was close. But we have to hurry! Sephiroth is going to summon meteor to destroy the planet!

  18. Aeris

    Don't worry about it. I already summoned my white materia to stop it.

  19. Cloud

    So… what are we going to do now?

  20. Barret

    We don't have to do sh*t.

  21. Aeris

    Let's ride chocobos!