1. MC Escher Temple

In an attempt to corner the surrealist art demographic, the game developers used nonsensical perspective and impossible architecture to construct this Escher inspired level. While the idea was ultimately a failure, it was still better than the proposed Salvador Dali Temple.
Most Frustrating Part: The "Relativity" Room is a scale accurate version of Escher's most famous work with stairs seemingly traveling every which way. While it's interesting in the painting, in the game it is nearly impossible without the Hover Boots, which are located at the top of a diagonal staircase that connects to a floor both higher and lower than where it starts.

2. The Herb Temple

This temple involves a lot of Link sitting around watching the Nature Channel. The special item in this temple is the double fudge brownie arrows, which serve no real purpose other than being, according to the developers, "like the best things in the world." The reason this temple never made the final cut is because Link learns "Freebird" in its entirety on his ocarina (including the developers singing along with the solo) without going through the proper channels to license the song. When the player finishes the song, the Dominos delivery man magically shows up.
Hardest Part: In the 3D Doritos Room, Link must confront Dark Link, but instead of an epic battle, the two spend twenty minutes looking at their hands and talking about how, like, cool hands are.

3. Fog Temple

While it tested well in the British market, the Fog Temple was axed by the designers after complaints of spending hours listlessly wondering through a dense fog. Even the dungeon map was useless in helping players find their way to treasure chests, the compass, or other rooms, mostly because the map itself was also made of fog.
Most Frustrating Part: The dungeon boss is "Mist," which is almost indecipherable from the large room of heavy fog that it's in.

4. The Temple from GoldenEye

In an eleventh hour push for one more temple, the designers got lazy and borrowed the popular multiplayer level from the N64 title "GoldenEye." Unfortunately, they neglected to change anything that would adapt the level to Link in terms of relative size, plotline, or general coherence.
Most Frustrating Part: The dungeon boss is famed James Bond villain Mayday who is armed with two RCP-90s. If the Link uses Nayru's Love at just the right moment, he can stay alive for six seconds, or twice as long as he otherwise would.

5. Climate Change Temple

In a classic example of video game developers trying to make a political statement, the Climate Change Temple tried to incorporate different regions of the world being affected by global warming. The forest room is on fire, the water room is constantly seesawing between flooding and drought, and there's an omnipresent feeling of Al Gore's smugness.
Most Frustrating Part: In the "malaria room," Link gets malaria and dies.