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A good friend of mine just got married. He had Song of Storms from Ocarina of Time playing when the bride's maids and the groomsmen entered. It was incredible.-Magnus

I told my niece the plot of Final Fantasy VII as a fairy tale, split into 14 nights. She cried when Sephi killed Aerith.-Dave (who also cried when Sephi killed Aerith)

I used to play EverQuest and was pretty good. I was in a top guild and considered to be among the best of my class. One night I ordered a pizza, and the delivery guy noticed my computer screen. He played too, and started asking me about EQ and my character. I told him who my character was expecting a good reaction, or at least some recognition. Instead, his face stayed blank and he started telling me about his character. I got fairly upset.-Anonymous

When I was 13, I had a Super Mario Bros. 3 emulator from which I print-screened every single character, object, and background into MS Paint. Then, I'd spend my time pasting together my own carefully designed kick-ass dream levels.-Tony

My friend tried to set me up with a friend of his, saying she was interested in reading the Wheel of Time series, and had just created a Magic the Gathering Online account. I respectfully declined. Interested? You f***ing kidding me? Get back to me in 5 years when she's finished it. -Jack

I live in Canada. I drove down to the United States on three different occasions to obtain special promotional Pokémon (Celebi, Darkrai, and Shaymin). Not being able to go again for Arceus is one of the most devastating things to have happened to me. It frustrates me knowing that I have 492 out of 493 entries filled in my Pokédex.-Jay

I punched a hole straight through my wall because my Runescape character couldn't get over an agility obstacle. I hadn't even died. He just kept slipping off the damn rocks.-Drew

My last year in high school, they told us we weren't allowed to dress up in costume for Halloween. My way around it was to dress up as the tenth Doctor from Doctor Who. The suit and tie was only somewhat odd for a girl. It got the attention that I wanted, while only being a costume to people that knew the show. To go with the costume, I bought a sonic screwdriver toy, which doubled as a pen so I wouldn't get yelled at for having it. I lost count of how many people asked me if it was a lightsaber.-Taylor