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I was at my friends house playing Halo 3 and this one kid in our game couldn't play because he didn't have the mythic map pack, so he asked how to get it. And this other kid said "OK, what you do is you get your Xbox, put in Halo 3, and Shake it!" Then the 12 year old kid disconnected and never joined back in the party.-Cooper
I was playing MW2 a few days after my girlfriend had broken up with me.  I was pretty down in the dumps at the time. After destroying a team in TDM, my opponents all got on the mic and started talking some SERIOUS sh*t to me. Instead of ignoring it or talking sh*t back, I decided to throw them a curveball for fun, saying, "Honestly, compared to everything else going on in my life, having people talk sh*t to me is no big deal."  After a brief silence, one of the guys who had been harassing me said jokingly, "Do you want to talk about it?" The whole lobby, including myself erupted in laughter.-Nick
My (very rude) cousin was over at my house, and he had no problem making himself feel at home and play my 360 without my permission. He went on doing stupid things like friending someone I don't know. Later that day, I was sitting at the table minding my own business when from the other room I hear, "What? My voice sounds like your sister's? It's cuz I make out with her so much!"-Flippy

While playing Search and Destroy on MW2. I kept egging the bomb carrier on to go plant it, it went back and forth until the last 30 seconds when the warning chimed so he finally ran up to plant. As soon as he got near, all you hear is the telltale sound of a Predator with the carrier going FFFUUUU-He was crying in the lobby afterward and blamed me.-Sage
On MW2, "OK, guys. I think we should stay low an-" some kid stops him and says "Shut up bitch, you don't talk!"-Alex A.
I was playing MW2 when this total redneck joined the room. The first thing the kid did was try to start sh*t with me, for some random reason. I then told him that he was a "flaming fag for blowing off his brother/dad over a can of snuff". He immediately responded with "I ain't that gay…" He left immediately after everyone in the room died laughing at him.-A.J. S.
While I was playing MW2 with a friend there was this really annoying kid swearing and uttering racist slurs throughout the game. After the game a rather large sounding black guy told him to calm down in a very respectful tone, then the annoying kids tells him to suck his balls, so this calm black guy screams "THEN WHIP YA DICK OUT BITCH, YOU THINK I AIN'T NEVER SUCKED A DICK?!!" Nobody said a word for the rest of the game.-Mack S.