1. Marine

    Alright, here we go!

  2. Command Center

    Good luck, marine.

  3. Marine

    Yeah! These other marines don't know what they're up against.

  4. Command Center

    Ooh…about that…

  5. Marine

    What? Do they have Firebats? Vultures? We have some too, so-

  6. Command Center

    We're fighting alien monsters.

  7. Marine


  8. Command Center

    An evil swarming hive-mind of monsters. They hatch from eggs. A lot of them shoot spikes or acid, or something. I figured someone would have told you.

  9. Marine

    Wow, uh, nope. They never mentioned the horrible, horrible monsters. In fact, they barely mentioned me being a marine. I'm an astronaut. That's why I'm in freaking space.

  10. Command Center

    Yeah, you should have thought about that before you accepted those 50 minerals, science boy.

  11. Marine

    Okay, so space monsters. Wow. I guess we, we can out smart them, right?

  12. Command Center

    Well in theory. They tend to just rush and kill things. And there's also a race of alien robot geniuses. We have to fight them too.

  13. Marine

    Can't we work with them?

  14. Command Center

    Not really. Wait, sometimes. But nah, not really.

  15. Marine

    Wow. Just…is there anything to help me?

  16. Command Center

    Yeah, we have stim packs, but they'll take a quarter of your health. And we used to have medics, but then we got rid of them.

  17. Marine

    Why would we ever get rid of them!?

  18. Command Center

    If you get a Starport and wait a while we have an air thing.

  19. Marine

    That's not the same and you know it.

  20. Command Center

    Also, sometimes we'll still fight other marines sometimes. So yeah, I guess you were also right the first time.

  21. Marine

    In light of this, couldn't all of humanity work together? Just put aside our differences, and maybe, just maybe-

  22. Command Center

    Nuclear launch detected.

  23. Marine

    I hate this game.