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All of the computers at my work are linked together. I was bored one day and decided that, since nobody checks on me, I would play solitaire. After winning my first game, I noticed that I wasn't even close to the top score in the office. That was held by my boss. One month later I had the top 23 scores and was fired for playing games on the job.-Brendon

I lost a bet. The wager was that I had to get an SNES controller tattooed right above my arse, on the area generally known as the "tramp stamp." I love it.-Anonymous

My girlfriend and I play strip Pokémon.-Anonymous

My dad walked in on me during a Catherine cut scene that had some sexual tension. He left quickly, making things very awkward. He didn't talk to me for a few days after, just the occasional "Hi son" whenever I walked in the front door. One day he gave me a sleeve of DVDs and said, "It's not my place to judge, just don't let your mother find out." Confused, I popped the disk into my laptop and it was anime. I fast forwarded five minutes and it was hentai. My dad thought I was playing hentai on my PS3.-Anonymous

My boyfriend and I couldn't remember if we'd been dating for four years or five years. We knew our anniversary date, but disagreed on length. We were able to figure it out after remembering he had bought FFV: Dirge of Cerberus on one of our first dates. We loaded the game and looked at the last save. It was from 2006. It's been five wonderful, nerdy years.-Cal

For three years, I had a secret Gmail account I referred my friends to in case they needed solutions to their WoW, Pokemon, or Call Of Duty-related problems. When they found out it was me, about 80% of were impressed and congratulated me. The other 20% had registered on various gaming websites and used my hints as cheat codes to gain credit.-Anonymous

Pwning up, in memoryOne day in 2002, my dad and I were at my grandmother's house. We were looking around for cool things and found a Mario 64 box. It looked really old. We got a Nintendo 64 for Christmas the same year. When we finally opened the Mario 64 Box, we found that the game worked perfectly. We loved it, so much so that we played it really slowly. We wanted it to last. We collected around two stars every weekend, or sometimes not even one. It was our thing. We had some great times together just wandering around in that game. On February 27 of this year we were trying to collect the last three stars. He got one, I got one, and we left the last for the next weekend. He died of a heart attack the next day. I don't play that save file anymore, but every weekend I try to recollect one or two stars to remember the good times we had.-Mario

I had three Minecraft cakes for my birthday. My only complaint was that my cousins and sister only put two legs on the creeper and one of the pigs heads was on top of his body.-Ivan (the Ungrateful)