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I keep a paused DS next to me to play during load screens on console and PC games. Nerdy, yes, but I bet you just thought, "why didn't I ever think of that?"-Michael

I was checking out stuff on Dorkly when I saw a picture of a gamer wedding cake. The bride was dragging the groom away from a gaming session. My first thought wasn't how cool the cake was. It was, "How the hell is he playing Gears of War on a PS3?"-Dan K.

One of my goals in life is to get published by the Black Library, the people responsible for publishing Warhammer fiction.-Seth

I call my portable hard drive "The Death Star Plans," because they're not in the main computer.-Amber

When I suffered a stroke, I had my brother make one call for me. I had him tell the Dungeon Master that I wasn't likely to make it to D&D that weekend.-Juwl

I developed a simple Java program to fix the line breaks of a text file I downloaded, containing all of The Hitchhikers's Guide To The Galaxy series books, so I could properly read them on my Nintendo DS with an ebook reader application.-Victor

I cried because I thought my Pokemon red cartridge was broken. It turned out my Squirtle was poisoned.-Dan

I met one of my past girlfriends because during a math test, my phone went off and the ringtone was the Item Get fanfare from Zelda. The next day she turned around to ask me if that was me, and if I'd heard of Overclocked ReMix.-Brian