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During a Halo 3 session with my buddies we had gotten the mythic map packs before it was released for the USA. These group of 7-12 year-olds were begging us how you get them. We told them if you join recent players custom games and SCREAM AS LOUD AS YOU CAN you will receive the map packs from us. We got a party of around 10 of these kids. We join some random kids game and out of nowhere the recent player is freaking out because there is 10 little kids screaming their asses off!!-Danceder0961
"I put up with so much crap from my ex-wife. When she asked if her boyfriend could move in with us, that's when I'd had it."-Tim R.
Me and my friend were playing CoD MW2, and some kid with the gamertag "CalibratedLemur" was annoying everyone, yelling "GET SOME!" after every kill and generally being an ass. Then, about halfway through the game we hear: "Hey, CalibratedLemur. That rhymes with lubricated wiener, which is what you want, in your FACE." This followed with a weak "Nuh uh…", and then LubricatedWiener shut up. I think someone's due for a new gamertag.-Sam W.

I'm on Gears of War 2 looking for a game and all I hear is: "If I don't find a game right now I swear I'm gonna shove my cock in my hard drive."-Slashcross
When playing a game of Warzone on Gears of War 1, me and couple buddy's were teamed up with this random guy. When he started talking he sounded like Ken Kaniff from some of Eminem's song. He continued to keep repeating him saying "Oh yah, poop in the motherfucking bath tub." I don't think I have ever laughed so hard while playing a game. But to top it all off after the game finished he sent me a private message stating "I want to rub creamy mushroom sauce, all over your body". Quite possibly one of the most awkward but hilarious moments I have ever experienced on Xbox.-Justin S
One time me and two of my buddies joined a game of Nazi zombies and noticed our fourth random player not moving. We all walked up to him and started tea bagging his body until he came on the mic and said, "Man WTF Y'all doin! MOVE OUT THE WAY THERE'S A MOFUCKIN ZOMBIE BEHIND YOU! Oh shit ya'll done it, ya'll done it. He then talks to the person in the same room I guess,and says, " Man there's a mofuckin zombie apocalypse and shit and these fools just tea bagging me like its a parade." Then he leaves. Lolz ensued the whole night.-Jamie B.
I was playing Phantasy Star Universe with some of my friends and this annoying item hog. So this special mission is out and we need everyone to enter a gate to proceed further into the mission. After about 2 minutes of standing still our unwanted party member forgets to mute his mic and yells out "Grandma I shit my pants again" then he proceeds to type in-game "BRB". There was about a second until everyone muted their mics and I hear one of my party members (who was in my house playing) start crying of laughter. From that point on we called him Mr. Shatner and he could never figure out why. As a bonus the guy was 22.-Dan S.