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I quit World of Warcraft on April 22nd (shortly after I got Monster Hunter Tri) by putting an authenticator on my account and smashing the shit out of it so it wouldn't generate a code anymore, therefor rendering the account useless. I had eight level 80 characters, four of which were quite well geared for raiding. I was done for good, until I made a new account on June 24th, and leveled a warrior to 80 in under a week.-Paul

A couple years ago I was over at my girlfriend's house, she told me she was going to take a shower and dropped some not-so-subtle hints that she wanted me to join. I passed on that opportunity to watch an episode of the original Voltron series. It was a good one. After the show was over, she came back into the living room quite upset after a long, long shower.-DW

After being shot and killed during an all night marathon of pwning noobs online in Socom II: US Navy Seals, I got so mad that I smashed my hand down on the arm of my chair. There was a searing pain in my wrist and a doctor visit later revealed that I had fractured the bone. I spent the next week telling everyone at school that I broke my arm skateboarding.-Matt

I was so mad at M. Night Shyamalan over his Avatar movie that I wrote him two letters. One about how much I hated that he changed Aangs name, and another about why firebenders don't need a source of fire to firebend.-Alec

I had to break up a genuine fist fight between two of my roommates over a game of Pokemon Stadium. The one got a lucky critical hit on the other's Chansey after using dig over and over. Then he got a beer bottle upside the head.-Rolf

My brother came to visit me for a few days, and had just purchased Alan Wake for X-Box 360. He brought the game to show me some of the clever story telling techniques, gameplay, etc. My Roommate (Whose 360 we use in my apartment) came out and said "Make a new profile. That way, people won't think I suck at getting achievements." My brother then pulled out his 360 hard drive and said "I already thought of that."-Ben

Yesterday I was hanging out at a local game store where I know all the employees by name, when an irate man came in, almost broke the controller on one of the demo games set-up, called the cops when he couldn't get cash back on a game he didn't have a receipt for, and slandered the store to all the customers inside. The thing that pissed me off the most? When he first walked in he said Red Dead Redemption was a terrible game.-Blake (who could have stopped after "hanging out at a local game store where I know all the employees by name")

I was on a date with a girl a couple weeks ago. Everything was going well until she said the Lord of the Rings movies look cheap. I have not seen her since.-Michael