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Was playing MW2 when I heard a guy in the background of another games mic saying "Dude, hurry the f*ck up! Your wedding's in 30 mins. So about 25 mins later, I was curious and added his gamer tag, he accepted, and I joined his game. Apparently the wedding was delayed due to some weird claim, and he's now on a killing streak, with every kill he says, "with how many kills I make today is how many chicks I'm going to bang a month, since my bitch wife isn't going to game with me. One of the reasons I married her too."-Arv S.
While playing COD 4 there was this really annoying little kid who was really pissing everyone off. He began to talk about how he was going to rape everyone and their mothers. Everyone was trying to get the kid angry but nothing seemed to work. I then asked the kid if he even knew what rape was. The line was then silent for a few moments until the kid then said "SHUT UP I HATE YOU!' and then left the game. -Kris S.
After he found out I'm from South Africa, a British teenager asked mewhether District 9 was real.-Hadlee
During a game of Search and Destroy on MW2 I was cussed out by an angry 12 year old child. This was followed by the kid talking to his mom with his mike still on. "Mom! I don't want crust on my pb&j!"-Chris B.

While playing Red Dead Redemption with my friends, a kid no older than ten said that he had seen the popular movie by Sacha Baron Cohen that my gamer tag is named after and said it was gay. I then replied by saying that he should cut himself with a butter knife in the porto potty behind the McDonalds. He started to cry then his dad came on and told me to go f*ck myself and he would find and kill me. All the while my friends and I had been laughing. -Evan
"Hey [username]!""What?""I fucked your mom.""I fucked my mom too, what's your point?"-Jay C.
Two annoying twelve year old kids were arguing about something when I came into the lobby. Then right away I hear an extremely angry man yell "If you two don't shut the fuck up I'm going to invent a time machine, use it to go back to the day you were conceived, kill your fathers, fuck both of your mothers, thus becoming your fathers. Then I will go to this day and ground you from xbox or get you a Wii instead." I was already laughing at this when one kid went "my dad is dead dick." The guy replies, "that's because I've already killed him." The kid started crying and left.-Alex N.