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Me and a group from work were playing Halo 3 Death match together. While we're playing talking as normal, we suddenly hear a really loud whining noise cutting in and out. Suddenly we hear "MA! STOP VACUUMING THE RUG!!". He's 29.-John
"Man, you're laggin' like a filibuster."-Alex
While playing CoD4, I pointed out to a guy that he sounded exactly like Hank Hill from King of the Hill, and I mean exactly. He then spent the next several games going off about Propane and Propane accessories and yelling out things so dead on I almost died laughing. You could always tell when he got shot because he would start with "Damn it Peggy!" And then go off on a rant for several minutes that always ended up about Propane.-Stephen H.
I was once playing COD4 cage match against some 12 year old kid that kept declaring that he was going to 'destroy me' in the fight. Naturally, as a d-bag 10th prestige, I figured I would decimate this kid so I just let him talk. After I got 9 kills on this kid, he threw a random grenade and killed me and stated "Oh yeah, You don't mess with the best". And proceeded to say that until the end of the game. I then set my schedule around following that kid into matches shooting him in the face and then saying "Don't mess with the best."-Kerch

One day when some 10-14 years olds were spewing curses at me into my ear, I had an epiphany: I decided that I wasn't going to argue back anymore because it never shuts them up no matter what I say. Instead, I would start tapping the side of my face next to my mic, and saying "Yeah, now call me a bitch!". It's never not worked.-Joshua
Me and my mate were playing a Team Deathmatch on MW2, and a 12 year old screamed at us "Eat a sack of baby dicks motherfuckers!"-Martin, England
I'm a chick. Usually I try not to speak too often in games since my feminine voice gets me harassed, but in this one game of Halo 2 awhile back some Douchebag McGee heard me talking to my friend in the lobby and figured out I had a vag. This guy spent a good portion of the game yelling a combination of sexist jokes and vulgar pick up lines at me while camping by the shotgun, and from his voice I'd say he was around his forties. Eventually I got fed up, meleed him in the face (despite him having shotgun and seeing me coming, noob), teabagged his corpse and yelled "PERIOD BLOOD ON YOUR FACE MOTHERF*CKER". Afterwards all I could make out were muffled sobs.-Kristin F.