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I camped out overnight for the iPhone 4. Not because of Facetime. Not because of the speed. Not because of the retina display. I did it because there's a Magic: the Gathering app that includes life counters, token counters, mana counters, a glossary of terms, and card search.-Tim

I've been playing WoW since it came out, and I have protocols set up so that if my ethernet becomes unplugged or unresponsive while playing, my wireless card will take over the connection.-JA

My ex-boyfriend and I used to play WoW together. He broke up with me because I said male blood elves are gay, then kicked me out of our guild in the middle of a raid. I was so pissed I wasn't going to get my dagger that I didn't even care about the break up.-Sara

I was afraid of the power going out during Y2K, because I didn't want to lose the Everquest group I was in.-Edge

One guy broke up with me because I schooled him at Tekken 5 in front of his friends. When he tried to tell me he "went easy on me," I challenged him again. He said no.-BA

Monday through Thursdays, I hide my car in an overgrown back alley so friends and family won't stop by during Icecrown raids.-Roxanne

I take an Energizer battery charger with me everywhere. It's a handy little doo-dad for the person on the gaming go. Need a battery for that Gameboy Color? Need a battery for that Wii Mote? I hand out batteries like a pedophile hands out candy.-Ryan

Half the kids at my school don't know my actual name, they simply refer to me as "The Pokemon Master."-Liam