1. Hero

    Whew! That was a close one…so much blood

  2. Townsfolk

    Welcome to Yorkcast!

  3. Hero

    Yeah…This is a pretty nice town you got here.

  4. Townsfolk

    Yup! We have weapon shops, potion shops, and a place for you to heal. That's it, though.

  5. Hero

    And that sustains your economy?

  6. Townsfolk

    I guess.

  7. Hero

    Really nice place. You guys don't have a monster problem?

  8. Townsfolk

    Nope. No monsters here.

  9. Hero

    Because, outside, it's like, every five steps is some kind of giant, terrible monster. They're everywhere. I'm surprised you even exist.

  10. Townsfolk

    Well, we have a fence.

  11. Hero

    Of course. I was wasting all my time with swords and fire-spells. I should have gone with plywood.

  12. Townsfolk

    I guess. We also called it a "safety-zone". That seemed to work pretty well.

  13. Hero

    Well, I think I'll unwind here for a while. Couple of months. Years, maybe. This is great! I'm so-

  14. Townsfolk 2

    Have you seen my son? He's missing!

  15. Hero

    Uh no. Sorry to hear that. Anyway, there's a nap I should be-

  16. Townsfolk 3

    Some people say the old cave is haunted…

  17. Hero

    No…no, I see what's going on here-

  18. Townsfolk 4

    That Scheffer boy was last seen playing by that cave…

  19. Townsfolk 5

    He was holding the same kind of jewel you have in your sword!

  20. Hero

    I hate you all so much.