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So me and my friend were playing COD4 and on the mic all we could hear is this really loud and annoying screaming. So we asked what it was. This was our answer: "Oh yeah, sorry guys that's my 3 year old daughter, one sec…… SHUT THE F@#K UP!!!!" The screaming stopped. -Colin

Kid: I'm coming! I'm coming!" I assume he was talking to his mom. Me: That's what she said.The game erupts in laughter.Kid: I don't get it.Room erupts in more laughter.Me: You will learn about it in college.-Matt

I got online on CODMOD 2, and said, "Hey everyone," and was met with the usual chorus of, "A GIRL?!" Then some 9 year old decided to be extremely original and say, "Bitch, make me a sammich!" So I retorted with, "I already did. It's sitting on your kitchen table." He left for a second, and when he came back, he said, terrified, "Oh my god there was really a sandwich there." I said, "I know, I made it." He immediately left.-Madison

It was past midnight and I was playing a round of Versus in Left 4 Dead 2. I had a mic and so did some guy on my team; it was a good game but during a brief bout of frustration my teammate demanded of me, "Why are you even up so late? You're like eleven." -"I'm almost twenty."-"Well, you're like the most high-pitched, nasally almost-twenty year old -I've ever heard."-"Well, I'm a girl."There was a long pause, until finally he came back with, "Wow, I … don't even know what to say to that." To be fair, my Steam name is pretty masculine. I did lol nonetheless.-Emma

Dude: You guys are faggots.My friend: Out of 100 million sperm, you had to be the one who made it through.-Kalden

I was playing COD 4 without a headset. The entire game, one of my teammates kept on telling me that I wasn't talking because his jizz was stuck in my throat, and prohibited my vocal chords from working. He was 12 apparently.-Gabe

A couple weeks ago, me and my friend were playing a match of Social Slayer in Halo3 and this one guy on the other team kept going after me and killing me. Everytime he killed me I got teabagged. The last kill of the game he teabagged me and said, "I put my left nut in I put my right nut out I put my dick in your mouth, and shake it all about and that's what its all about." My friend laughed his ass off and thought it was the most creative teabag ever.-Huseen