12. Parker (Red Faction)

Mining on the planet Mars - sounds like a dream job, right? It did to Parker, who soon discovered that being a miner on any planet tends to suck, let alone on an oxygen-free red planet ruled by an evil corporation. Luckily, he joins up with a local rebellion, destroys the corporation, stops an engineered plague, and - most importantly - blows up a shit-ton of walls and caves for absolutely no reason. Thank you, Geo-Mod. We miss you more than any other gimmick.


11. Link (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

Link must have been really confused after he pulled the Master Sword out of its resting place. He passed out for 7 years in a dusty temple and woke up having gone through puberty, a change of clothes, and all of Hyrule being taken over by Ganondorf. And, of course, no one else could save Hyrule/waste a ton of time fishing except for him and his metro-ninja friend. Link went about freeing all of the enslaved/frozen/trapped citizens of Hyrule and - as his reward - he got to go back to his childhood, where he would have to go through puberty all over again. That and he couldn't use his bow and arrow. If that came with a receipt, my guess is he would have returned it.


10. BJ Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein 3D)

Sure, there have been a lot of freedom fighters who fought evil in its various forms - but how many have fought evil in the form of Robo-Hitler? Only BJ Blazkowicz, the Nazi-killing, Doom-inspiring protagonist of Wolfenstein 3D. BJ prevented the Nazi effort to use undead zombies and other various monsters to turn the tide of World War II. If not for BJ (and Indiana Jones, on a few other fronts), World War II might not have ended so well, but would have at least been the most robot-filled war of all-time.