Let us celebrate the videogame freedom fighters who risked their extra lives to stand up to evil corporations, governments, mad scientists, and pixelized armies. These are the 15 heroes who deserve our respect.


15. The Chosen One (Fallout 2)

The Chosen One began life as a tribal nobody trying to end a drought. But his belief in every man's right to freedom, regardless of radiation levels and/or mutation, eventually lead him to freeing the West Coast (or what remained of it) from the Enclave. All he had to do was murder the President of the Enclave (don't worry - he was evil. Millard Fillmore-evil) and blow up an oil rig (an evil oil rig. Deepwater Horizon-evil). And with that, the people of the post-apocalyptic land no longer had to live in fear of the evil government - just super mutants, radiation, starvation, dehydration, disease, raiders, slavers, radscorpions, poison, gangsters, thieves, ghouls, rats, and deathclaws. That's called "progress."


14. Abe (Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee)

Abe had the unfortunate role of having to save his fellow Mudokon slaves from the ruthless, horrible-factory-designing Molluck and RuptureFarms. Unfortunately the Mudokons, while good-natured and hard-working, were completely unable to understand that walking into an electric forcefield would probably not end well. This alone should stand as a testament to Abe's dedication to freedom. That, and not having his mindless brethren turned into food products. Something we can all relate to.


13. Christopher Stone/American Resistance (Freedom Fighters)

Once a simple plumber, Christopher would take on the identity of the "Freedom Phantom" (or "Phreedom Phantom," which would have been a lot catchier). Like some kind of super-serious, assault rifle-toting Mario brother, he bravely fought against invading Russian Communists in an alternate-timeline New York City.* In the end, the city is saved, but the rest of the world is still under USSR control. Luckily, I hear the sequel will let you ride a dinosaur and use a cape to finally defeat Comrade Koopa once and for all.

*Maybe this would have been a little more relevant 20 years ago, but whatever.