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Tattoo picture submitted by Marc.

I dislocated my kneecap and tore my meniscus playing MLB 2K9 on the Wii. When I told everyone how I got my injury, they mocked me, saying I broke my knee playing Wii baseball. It irked me that they didn't call it MLB 2K9 like I had said.-Frank

I was dating this girl for about two years in high school when she broke up with me. It was almost out of nowhere and she started dating some random guy she met a month before right after. Now at the time I had been playing Final Fantasy 9, and I had named the lead female character, Dagger, after her, Ashley. When we broke up, I used a re-name card and changed the name from Ashley to Slut and took her out of my main party. I'm almost embarrassed to admit how much better that made me feel. Almost.-Lilian

I took a week off work for the death of Batman.-Karl

I asked my boyfriend to marry me by getting down on one knee and putting a Nintendo Power Glove on his hand.-Suela

The first time I had sex with my boyfriend I cried out "Gee willikers, Batman!" as I climaxed.-Mel

I played WoW in high school, but stopped when I got to college. I like to think it was because of how busy I was with school, but really I was tired of my friends making fun of me. Now I have my own room in an apartment with those same friends, and I decided to start playing again since I have some privacy. One day I was playing on my laptop when my buddy burst in to talk about whatever and I slammed my computer shut. My friends thought I was beating it to porn and told all my apartment-mates. I didn't deny it because the other option was more embarrassing.-Paul

When I was a kid, my Mom would read me the Super Mario Bros instruction manuals as bed time stories.-Riley