1. Trainer 1

    Hey, whatsup?

  2. Trainer 2

    Not much. Just chilling.

  3. Trainer 1

    Cool, cool. Yeah, that makes sense. It's a beautiful day to stand in one spot staring forward and approach anyone who passes by.

  4. Trainer 2

    Exactly. But want to know something weird?

  5. Trainer 1

    Yeah. That's literally point of asking "what is up".

  6. Trainer 2

    Some other guy challenged me to have my pet fight his pet.

  7. Trainer 1


  8. Trainer 2

    Yeah, it was weird. He yelled at a mouse to shoot lightning.

  9. Trainer 1

    That's messed up-

  10. Trainer 2

    And it did! And he made me pay him!

  11. Trainer 1

    What did you do?

  12. Trainer 2

    I made a pithy punning comment about him defeating me.

  13. Trainer 1

    Makes sense.

  14. Trainer 2

    And get this; he had badges.

  15. Trainer 1

    Like a boy-scout?

  16. Trainer 2

    Exactly. And he said he had to "catch them all"

  17. Trainer 1

    He has to kidnap one of every pet? And why would you need one of every kind? You can only even carry six!

  18. Trainer 2

    I know! And most of these Pokemon suck. Why do you want a Sandshrew? Or a Voltorb?

  19. Trainer 1

    He must have OCD.

  20. Trainer 2

    That makes sense; he said he had to be "the very best".

  21. Trainer 1

    Well, that's harmless boasting-

  22. Trainer 2

    The best that ever was.

  23. Trainer 1

    Has he forgotten Professor Oak? Or Poke' Jim? What arrogance! Especially considering he's, like, fourteen.

  24. Trainer 2

    And he wants to make them fight. He wants to go to gyms to have them fight.

  25. Trainer 1

    Gyms? Like the place we work out with our Pokemon?

  26. Trainer 2

    I guess he thinks they're fighting rings.

  27. Trainer 1

    What is wrong with this guy?