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I was in Halo Reach and doing well when a younger kid started shouting at me "Stop it you poopy-head!" I replied for the first time on mic in a hurt voice "Do you really think that of me?" I think he was stunned because he muttered an apology and left the game shortly after.-Lynn

A guy on our team playing MW2 was unleashing a fury of swears across the mic, due to his constantly getting spawn killed. He yells "GOD DAMN IT." To which another member of our team says "God doesn't need a dam, he can walk on water."-Alex

We were searching for a MLG Halo game for a few minutes and when we finally got matched up, one of our teammates (not a random guy) said "My horses cut loose. I got to go!". We were really annoyed, thinking that was just some stupid excuse for something. 20 Minutes later he came back and his story really was true: His f*cking horses ran away.-Shady IIV

Once, when playing Halo 3, one of the guys on my team had his mic open while his girlfriend broke up with him. He didn't stop playing. -Thomas 

I have a group of friends with whom I regularly play CODMW2 on Xbox live. One of them likes to say gross/perverted things just to mess with people. One time, just as we had joined a lobby, he said: "Have you guys ever looked at your dad naked in the shower for way longer than you should have? My dad caught me today and he beat my ass real good."-PIKL

"I will hunt you down and find you and fingerbang the shit out of your sister!" – Enraged COD MW2 loser-Hobbs

While waiting in a Halo 3 lobby these 3 Indian kids on the other team were taunting my team from the very start. Being outnumbered and being the only person on my team with my mic on, all was looking bleak until this guy, which from the instant the little microphone icon showed up next to his name until the end of the game, was just spouting out the most lucrative and complex insults that had me laughing throughout the entire game. When we were far in the lead I joined in on the punishing, racist, and defiable smack talk complimenting well with the rhythm of the other guy. After the game I friended him and thought nothing of it until a couple months later when I was watching an interview and found out that the usertag belonged to none other than Nick Swardson.-Brett P.