1. God

    Hey you, kid!

  2. Ash

    Oh man. What are you, some kind of beard-type Pokemon?

  3. God

    No. I'm God. And I need you to build an Ark, and put within it two of every Pokemon.

  4. Ash

    What? Why?

  5. God

    Because I must flood the Earth for some reason. Maybe to kill all sinners? Yeah. That's it.

  6. Ash

    But…you're God. Why don't you just specifically kill all of the bad people and not drown everyone? Wouldn't that make more sense?

  7. God

    No. That would take forever to figure out. This is way simpler.

  8. Ash

    Do you have any idea how hard it is to capture ONE of every Pokemon, let alone two? I mean, I don't think there even are two Mewtwo's.

  9. God

    C'mon, kid. How hard could it be?

  10. 151 pairs of Pokemon later…

  11. Ash

    Okay – it took forever, and I technically had to cut Articuno in half, but I think I caught 'em all.

  12. God

    Oh. Just 151 pairs?

  13. Ash

    Yes…that's all there are.

  14. God

    So….I'm guessing you didn't get my memo…

  15. Ash

    Uh, no. What is it?

  16. God

    Well….while you were gone, I sorta created another 100 species of Pokemon.

  17. Ash

    Are you kidding me?! You created more Pokemon just to drown them?! Why wouldn't you wait until after the flood?!

  18. God

    I just…I had all these ideas. Like, there's this electric sheep. How was I supposed to NOT create that?!

  19. Ash

    So what you're saying is that I have to go capture another 100 pairs of Pokemon.

  20. God

    More or less. I noticed you didn't get any Missingno.

  21. Ash

    That's a glitch.

  22. God

    DO AS I SAY!

  23. 100 pairs of Pokemon later…

  24. Ash


  25. God

    Errrrr….I did it again.

  26. Ash


  27. A ton of Pokemon later…

  28. God

    So? Did it work?

  29. Ash

    The problem with putting a bunch of superpowered animals bred for fighting on a wooden ship is that they burn it down pretty much instantly. Like, Charizard's tail is just naturally on fire. Why the hell would you create an animal like that?

  30. God

    Agggh…my bad. Ya know what? Nevermind. This whole thing was a bad idea.

  31. Ash

    Well, at least I caught every kind of –

  32. God

    OH! Know what would be cool? A fire-breathing camel. I'm gonna go make one of those and 100 other new species.

  33. Ash

    Are Digimon still things? I'm gonna collect those instead.